Friday, August 31, 2012

Wind Current Finesse Bass

In a hurry, I grab a rod and went to a near by larger lake. The problem was I grabbed the wrong stuff for the conditions. I brought a spinning rod, pack of 4 inch power worms, some small hooks, shot, and pliers. I was ready to do some finesse fishing except the wind was chucking across the lake into my face. Something I would have noticed had I not been in such a hurry. I was too lazy to go back. I walked so the wind was parallel to me and just launched a cast as far as I could. The bait would not drop as it normally would in this in wind The presentation was blowing across the water and so I was about to leave and POW fish on!  Next Cast another fish. Then it all came together. I used the wind to push my set-up as if I was wading and drifting helgies in the current. I held the rod up let the wind push it, if the bait settled I would give it a little pop as I would anyway. The only thing left was maintaining the slack. This technique produced 16 fish landed in an hour and a half!!! Of course I missed a bunch. The rig I use alot for small plastics consists of a number 6 circle hook, one small shot 12 inches up, and small plastic of your choice. Next time your set-up is too light for windy conditions use the wind as current and catch those finesse bass!

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  1. OMG! I have the same type of experience when I am using a Bass Stopper in the wind. It is very cool when you figure out how to use the wind to your advantage. Great entry PB!