Monday, October 1, 2012

Walleyes a Swing and a Miss!

Always looking for new water on the Fox, a friend pointed me to an area that was near Yorkville. I have been looking for more walleye water as my consistent spots are an hour north for me. This spot was just past water I already explored, but knowing there was a deeper hole were walleyes bite on a regular basis I had to make the journey. I asked Ted Yates aka Sooner Bass (on to go with. We brought our yaks to fish deeper water and mine is armed with a locator so finding the hole would be a breeze. Finding the hole was a breeze, a nice 6 foot deep stretch surrounded by 2 foot of water. The spot is perfect. Problem is the fish didn't know that, well at least on this day. I fished it thoroughly with drift rigs and lindy rigs that only fish interested was a baby Flathead. 

Was it just a bad day? Is this a night bite only spot? I don't know the answer but I like it enough to go back again next season and find out. After fishing the hole inside and out ted suggested that we explore and paddle up river for a short stretch (note to self: Ted is in better shape then you next time tell him to bite it.) After paddling forever and ever, we could not find anything deeper than 2.5 feet. Funny thing was all the fish we were to catch for the day came from the shallow flats. Ted caught 3 smallies, 1 large mouth, 1 crappie and a catfish, I managed to scrape up 5 small channels myself. Teds came mostly on minnows and leeches. my fish came dragging a crawler behind the yak as I drifted. We caught enough fish to salvage the day but as for the walleyes it was a swing and a miss. So far this fall it's Eyes 2 - Pondboy 0.

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