Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I Just Won The Small Lake Lottery

Last night I drove to an undisclosed location in Naperville. The plan was to catch some crappies before the sunset. There is no way I could of dreamed of what happened next. Armed with only an ultra light rod loaded with 2 lb Cajun Red line and a Swedish Pimple I made ONE cast. I make the one cast let it drop for two seconds, I go to lift and my arm stops dead and is pulled down instead. WTF?? My drag starts to peel but the fish is too big. This lake is NOT Known for any big fish, I only go there for fun with small crappies. I have fished there on and off since I moved here eight years ago. The only way this fish is going to stay on is if I RUN!!! I start running with it, then walking, and then jogging again. Maybe a catfish? I switch to back reel as my drag is not giving up line smooth enough. A giant bass? I never got anything over 2 pounds here. A carp maybe? I felt it strong head shake. 3/4 down the lake I am sweating trying to keep this thing on. The I see a flash of STRIPES!! Jesus what the hell is that?  Now my asthma kicks in, my chest is tight, and although I catch some big fish this is NOT what I signed up for. My old friend panic sets in as I walk with this beast down the lake. Finally ten minutes later, I climb down the hill and lip my 3 foot 10-12 pound hybrid striper!! Obviously someone let this thing go and by the looks of it, the fish has had years to load up on small crappies and shad with no competition. I have just landed the fish and story of a life time. Let me answer the obvious questions.

no they are not stocked.

I am 100% it is the only one.

I cannot tell you were this private lake is as it is in a friends neighborhood I promised if I posted there would not be 50 guys trying to catch it.

It was released.

yes I crapped myself.

Of course as I get older this will become an exaggerated catfish hunter type of story. Example: No I did not loose my teeth from drinking pop. That striper bit me and I bit him back loosing four teeth on its iron sides!!

A week after this post I entered my story on the infisherman website and they posted it!!!


  1. What a hog, can i repost this on my facebook page with a link to the post?

    sick catch, freaking sick

  2. ty Guys! Feel free to repost whenever you like!!

  3. That's awesome! I hit a pond as well and managed a few baby crappies.