Monday, January 7, 2013

Kids and Ice Fishing What a Great Combo

Chunsum Choi gave me a call and wanted to take his kids Ice fishing for the first time. He had not ice fished since college and wanted the PB’s Angling Adventure crash course to get back up to speed in a short time. Chunsum has two awesome boys, Brendan and Matthew. Since my shelter will only pack three people like sardines I needed some assistance, so I bribed JasonJelinek to lend a helping hand.

I pre-fished the lake a couple nights before hand to check the ice safety and locate fish. Steelie Pete met me and we caught about a dozen night fish between us. 

Jason and I reach the pond at about 8 we wanted to locate fish and have the shelters and equipment ready before Chunsum and the boys arrived at nine. We stepped out and walked a few yards when we had one of the HUGE cracks that shoot by shaking your legs as it travels down the lake. I really hate those. After a few holes Jason and I found fish and Jason even caught a quick couple.

The Choi family shows up, we get the boys settled and it is off to the races!! We each had our cameras set up and fish were every where! Having a underwater camera is great especially for kids. They LOVE seeing those fish down there. The fish started coming in and never stopped the Chois were catching fish sometimes on every drop. Fun and laughter soon followed. The boys took turns fishing with Jason and I. Chunsum got to see two very different setups and how both were effective. We taught the boys what to look for and do. Each person caught at least 20 fish. 75% were gills but everyone had a crappie or two or three.

I could not of asked for a better day or better clients. I could not have been as successful without Jason (aka DarksStar) there to help. Kids and ice fishing go together Like cookies and milk, just a great combo!

If you or your family would like to catch fish in the Dupage county area or surrounding counties please contact me and we will create an angling adventure for you to remember.

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