Friday, March 8, 2013

fish finder mayhem

This year I decide to purchase a new fish locator as my eagle, although in perfect working condition is 10 years old and i wanted to take advantage of the new tech out there.

DS went with me to bps. I was looking for a unit I could use with both my yak and for ice fishing. The bps staff recommend the Humminbird 546di and I was told the ice transducer sold separately for 95 buck would let me take advantage of the units ice fishing mode. 363.00 bucks later I was all set.

After I set the unit up I could not wait to use the new transducer. The funny thing was it would not constantly lock onto the bottom. The depth would change like a baby's diapers!!!! The wird part was it would work for different periods of time. Chunsum has the hummingbird 545di and the same transducer. He too was having issues however his would work longer then mine. Since it would work sometimes JCrappies and I both thought it must be the settings as there are a ton of options on this unit. After a half a dozen tries. I finally said uncle and called Humminbird. When I told them of my combo they quickly told me that no downward imaging (DI) unit works with the ice fishing transducer! The bps guys were mistaken.

BPS was not going let me take back the unit because too much time had past. But when the guy from electronics came it was the same guy that helped me. When i told him what Humminbird said he was stunned. None of the guys there knew this. He said this was their fault and let me return the merchandise.

So Now I purchased two units! A Garmin 300c that has a flasher mode for ice fishing and a Lowrance 4x elite for my kayak.

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