Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quick Post Flood Crappie

We had a HUGE rain and much of the area was completed flooded. Rivers were out of the question and I thought the ponds would be too. I had planned to kayak a couple bigger lakes for crappie and leftover trout. My thinking was that they would not be so dramatically effected by 4-7 inches of rain. However 2 days after the rain the ponds in my area dropped down quite a bit. So I decided to drive 45 minutes north because that area did not get quite as much as we did. 

I kayaked a small lake I have had permission to fish. The water was up 4 feet and was very muddy. To be honest I was not expecting anything In these post flood and cold front conditions. But if I get a chance to fish I am going!!

I paddled around and just could not find any concentration of fish just small roaming schools of a few fish. the fish were 4-5 feet down in 7-9 feet of water. I rigged up ice fishing jigs and either wax worms or minnows using ultra light combos and slip floats

One spot number three I miss a fish. Son of a..... Spot four I repeat the same thing!!! WTH! The next three spots I managed to pick up one nice 10 inch crappie per spot. Whew. I really had to move around and keep at it in order to score. But looking at what mother nature dumped on the area I consider myself lucky just to get on the board.

Fish can be caught post storm or even flood. You have to just stick with it and be willing to move and change spots, presentations and even species or locations at times. Being able to change or roll with the punches will give you more fish and success in tough conditions.

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