Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pipe Dreams This Pattern was Amazing!!

On this cold day in January I thought I would look back on the pattern of the summer. Many bass fishermen know that bass love drainage pipes. Usually a fisherman will work their pond or lake and will make sure to fish “the pipes”. Crappie fishermen have done this forever. After a good rain the rain water that is delivered through the pipes is like manna form heaven for all kinds of fish. This special delivery of water is loaded with bugs, oxygen, and all kinds of goodies. Crappie fisherman can sometimes stay on a pipe all day due to the large schools crappies can hang out in. One summer night while fishing with Fluke I caught three good bass 1,2,3 all in front of the one pipe in the county that had a little running water with the vicious heat wave that was upon us. After a large rainfall I thought that the bass would be loving this opportunity. So that is when I decide to only fish pipes for a day! My rules were pipes only! The only exception would be a couple of fan casts to the left and right of each pipe. What happen next was amazing! All most every pipe I fished had bass on it. Not just small bass either. I fished a black 7inch curly tail worm Texas style and a smaller bullet weight. I used a spinner bait and crank bait for my fan casting. In eight hours I fished 19 ponds and lakes, 9 subdivisions, and dozens of pipes!!!! The result was about 30 bass. Many of 18 inches! I missed about eight good fish as well. The hard part was having the self control to make myself leave a good pond that I know produce a few more fish. I had to believe that the next pond would have fish as well and I would get the most active fish. I was right. My largest fish was over 20 inches and believe it or not, when I went to shore the fish it shook and threw the hook. I dove after it and tried to scoop it but it was to big and slipped out of my hand. My father during our competitive catfish contests always said “listen punk it does not count unless you touch it!” So next time it rains, take a bag o plastics and make your self some pipe dreams. PS. Carp fisherman, I saw about 1000 carp at these pipes that day.

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