Friday, January 20, 2012

River Grubs make for a Fall Lake Surprise

Darkstar and I meet up and river fish when we can. He had received some info from Ken G on a grub he likes to throw. I have a whole box of “walleye grubs” from years past from fishing Canada and the fox for fall walleyes and I always carry some in with me when I hit a river. But Darkstar told me that these grubs seem to produce more and was nice enough to give me a handful to try. I was tired today fighting off some virus and my little guy is sick.(anytime my kids are sick I am a nervous wreck) Anyway I decide to make a few casts at the lake I live across from. Do to a lot of poaching I have not had the success I used to have in an hour outing 1-4 fish makes me pretty happy and gone are the days of many decent fish. I went out to clear my head not really with any fishing plan. I grabbed a walleye rod that still had this grub that Darkstar had on it and a pair of pliers that’s it. In one hour of fishing this Producto spring grub in Pearl-White I had landed 8 fish and missed 3 ranging from 9 – 18 inches! I am sure I would have cleaned up more had I not run out of light! Now I have grubs for large mouth but they are bigger I usually go with a Kalins Grub or something like it I also fish smaller versions for crappie. But the walleye grub I use for just that or smallies never used one for Largemouth before. Had I not had a headache and been to last to grab and rig rods I would not of thrown the spring grub. The grub itself is affordable and the spring design makes for smooth movement and holds a hook well. It is also durable I used the same grub the whole time. The jig head is different as well. Ken did his home work. The jig is sold at Cabelas The hook is larger, stronger and has a wider gap and I was able to pull it form snags easily. SIZE:1/16 OZ-SIZE 1/0STYLE:BARBED COLLAR The only down side is the hook sometimes impales the tail but it takes a second to fix it. The longer length on the shaft makes tail biters get caught as well Find the 1/16 oz jig with the hook size 1/0. They have a page with all their round jig heads and it was a little confusing. Of course since I was lazy I did not have my phone or camera. (sorry guys) This grub not only will be replacing my current walleye and small mouth grubs it will be part of my Largemouth line-up as well. Thanks Darkstar and Ken G for improving one of my presentations.

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