Saturday, September 1, 2012

Smallmouth Quick Trip Sept 1

Woke up early before the family grab a rod and drift supplies and went to the west branch shore fishing. Clouds looked like rain but the rain luckily waited for me to get some drifts in. The water level was lower than I expected. Since my last stop by Plainfield last week had the water as high as I have seen it in some time. The water was dingy as well there was scattered masses of weeds everywhere that were not along this stretch last month. These conditions and temps dropping did not help the bite out. I fished for two hours and landed 6 smallies and a handful of panfish. Unfortunately I blew the chance for a DuPage Hog. This was probably due to a weak sissy hook set at the end of a long drift. The hooked popped out as I had the fish about half way to home plate. (Bummer I will be replaying that all day in my head) I was still happy to have a few tight lines before the rain hit.

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