Monday, June 10, 2013

Dupage Guide Service Finesses its Way to Finicky Summer Bass

On the way home from a wonderful night with friends and family at Sycamore Speedway, I received an email from a new client who wanted to start learning to catch largemouth bass. Usually on the weekends I am in bed early since I have a need to be in my spot before first light however I was up and sent my new friend George a message that we were good to go!

I was surprised when the alarm went off so quickly. Didn’t I just close my eyes? George shows up right on time and after a short conversation we were on our way. Today we were going pond hopping! I chose ponds that had a high number of bass. My hope was to give my new bass fishing friend more then a couple chances at landing a fish.

The problem we found ourselves facing was finicky fish and weeds. Three out of the four lakes had a 3 foot lip of algae and a shelf of under water weeds.

We need a slow small presentation that would fish well on the weed line and over the large flat shelves of salad. The answer to the problem was finesse plastics. We rigged a single slit shot size B and a number four Raven Specialist Hook. The plastics we used needed to be light and drop slowly.  So I chose CrabbyBass Helgies and Berkley 4 inch power worms.

The plan worked! George, who had never intentionally targeted bass with artificial lures before, landed 15 bass!! That does not include the several jumpers he lost!!! The bass were not huge but they were fun. George has a great sense of humor and had me laughing all day. I especially enjoyed his “Pondboy Guide Impression”.

All fishermen can learn to bass fish. There is no magic involved. Just like many great endeavors it starts with a little bit of knowledge and practice.

If you live in the Chicago land area and would like to learn how to fish or try a new style or species please take time to visit

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