Friday, June 14, 2013

Shur-Set and Crabby Bass slam early summer bass

Shur-Set and Crabby Bass slam early summer bass

My blog has a new sponsor Shur-Set Tackle! They make a wide variety of superior tackle for the discriminating angler. Jigs, Swim-jigs, Blade Baits, Weights, Stand-up and Football jigs to name a few.

Chunsum and I went out for the very first time with their Biscuit Jig in 1/8oz. We started with a Producto worm and scored 4 fish immediately. We were stunned at how sharp these hooks are. I set on one fish and the hook went through its hard tongue like a hot knife through butter. I set the jig on another and it actually went through the bass’s gill plate.

We switched to Crabby Bass plastics and caught several more fish on their Zipper, Craken, and Jerk baits. The Shur-Set Biscuit jig really had these baits standing straight up. The Biscuit and Craken was my favorite as the jig allows the many arms on this creature bait to flair out perfectly.

This was a first and fantastic showing from Shur-Set. I am expecting great things in the future!

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